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Death by Audio Arcade The Death By Audio Arcade is a series of multiplayer arcade cabinets produced by local indie game developers that originate from Death By Audio, Brooklyn's influential DIY music venue. As of 2017, DBAA has produced over 20 unique cabinets and has attained 501(c)-3 status as a non-profit.


VRV is a collaborative project to create a nomadic, experimental Virtual Reality Vehicle where people are inspired to imagine new sustainable versions of our future it is created by Marco Castro Cosío former director of the now defunct Metropolitan Museum of Art Media Lab.


Weaving Tiny Lights invites a group of New York’s studio-less artists to weave a massive light-sculpture highlighting the topic of affordable studio spaces in the city.



Blissville is a tiny neighborhood in the southwest Queens, once known as a small village in an industrial known for its Romani residents, hookers, fortune cookie- and mini statue of liberty replica factories, is now a forgotten area renamed to be included in the expanding vision of Long Island City. Paying homage to this tiny village of debauchery and the many vanishing culturally unique neighborhoods of New York City. Blissville will be a tiny haven of music and performance in the self storage unit with a weekly schedule of curated experimental and conceptual performances.


Archiving Gowanus - Proteus Gowanus, formerly located on the Gowanus Canal, invited artists to create a radically compressed archive referencing artifacts from the Hall of Gowanus, a Proteus museum dedicated to the canal. The pieces in the show play with concepts of storage and preservation using the museum’s artifacts as inspiration.


You can’t take it with you Artist Erica Dawn Lyle examines the contents of storage sheds she buys at auction after the former owners have left their storage rent unpaid, revealing in these forlorn personal effects the ways that force macro and micro -- from local real estate speculation to the inflated New York art market to IMF policies -- exert pressure on New York residents. Lyle attempts to return all items purchased from the auctions to their former owners, effectively purchasing and relieving the debt. Items that are still unclaimed will then be mixed with Lyle's own belongings and contributions from Lyle's friends to make an installation that examines displacement from gentrification and climate change.


File not found uses a storage unit as cloud to recreate the online streaming platform Soundcloud in real space. The project is inspired by the rumor / reality that Soundcloud might cease to exist effectively erasing a big – and unique – part of internet music culture. File not found looks at the ephemerality of the url and investigates experimental ways to materialize it in our analog environment.


POC-POC POP-UP is a collaboration of different New York based Filipino artists using found and reclaimed materials that tackles consumption, migration and Reclamation. Most of the artists involved were part of Bliss on Bliss Art Project, an organization committed to provide a venue for Filipino artists, writers, filmmakers and art educators to show their work.


Islands in the Net creates an elaborate mapping of the New York art world based on the 'aesthetic data' provided by websites represented in the online art guides of the city.


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